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  P.le Tecchio 80 - 80125 - Naples - (NA)

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Thermal conversion (combustion, gasification and pyrolysis) of high-volatile solid fuels (e.g. biomass, waste materials) in fluidized bed reactors;

Capture and utilization of CO2 through the use of Ca-based sorbents;

Reactivation and reuse of waste materials;

Chemical looping systems;

Technical-economic analysis and environmental impact analysis applied to innovative processes.

Antonio Coppola (AC) (Villaricca (Na) 01/01/1984) took the Degree in Chemical Engineering with an evaluation of 107/110 on December 2006 and the Master Degree in Chemical Engineering with an evaluation of 110/110 cum laude on January 2009 at the University of Naples Federico II. He obtained the PhD in Chemical Engineering on May 2013 at the University of Naples Federico II. AC works in the field of chemical reaction engineering, combustion, gasification and pyrolysis of solid fuels, and process technology of granular solids and is author of 44 ISI journal publications (h-index= 15 @March 2022 with 593 citations) and more than 100 publications on proceedings of international and national conferences. In 2018, he has got the National Scientific Qualification (ASN) as Associate Professor in Chemical Plants. AC was involved in several research projects within which his Institute was committed by private, national and international institutions. AC was invited speaker at 9th International Symposium of Coal Combustion (ISCC-9), held in Qingdao City, China in 2019, Title: “Looping Cycles for Low Carbon Technologies”. He was author of several key-note lecture: 1) Analysis and optimization of calcium looping processes aimed at the CO2 capture in dual interconnected fluidized bed systems presented at 9th World Congress on Chemical Engineering, held in Seoul (Korea) in 2013; 2) Fluidized bed calcium looping: the effect of SO2 on sorbent attrition and CO2 capture capacity presented at 22nd International Symposium on Chemical Reactor Engineering (ISCRE 22), held in Maastricht (Holland) in 2012. He was speaker and member of review committee for several national and international conferences. He was Session Chairman for several Scientific Conferences, member of the Organizing Committee for. He awarded: 1) the Gianni Astarita Young Investigator Award for outstanding research in Chemical Reaction Engineering - Special Recognition for the excellent profile and contribution to the Conference by the Prize Committee of 25th International Conference on Chemical Reaction Engineering "Engineering the Chemical Transformation by Bridging Science and Technology"; 2) Chemical Engineering Journal Top Cited Papers for 2011 and 2012  for the paper: Fluidized bed calcium looping: The effect of SO2 on sorbent attrition and CO2 capture capacity. AC collaborated with the University of Naples Federico II in teaching activity of different courses: ‘Impianti nell’Industria di Processo’ course and ‘Ingegneria delle Reazioni Chimiche’ for academic years 2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021 at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Materials and Industrial Production. He was supervisor of more than 80 Degree and Master’s Degree Theses.

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