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  Via Guglielmo Marconi, 4 - 80125 - Naples - (NA)

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Bioinspired batteries

Innovative aluminum-air batteries

Synthesis of new materials for electrochemical applications

Spectroscopic analysis of electrolytes, electrode materials and electrochemical devices

Tonia M. Di Palma received her degree in Physics from University of Naples “Federico II” in 1992 and PhD in Material Science in 1998 from University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Since 2001 she is researcher at National Research Council of Italy. She gained an extensive professional expertise in many fields such as laser spectroscopy, laser ablation, thin film deposition, materials characterization, supersonic molecular beams, time of flight mass spectrometry. In the last ten years she acquired additional expertise in electrochemistry, by carrying out researches on gel polymer electrolytes and aluminum-air batteries.

She is currently Principal Investigator of researches on metal-air batteries and new electrochemical energy conversion systems at the STEMS Institute in Naples. Her main interests are in the development of environmentally friendly materials for post-lithium batteries and new bio-inspired batteries. She is author of  more than 70 articles in international scientific journals.

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DIT.AD018.062 - Materials for electrochemical energy conversion devices - Innovative materials for metal-air batteries - UV-VIS-NIR laser spectroscopy

POR FESR CAMPANIA   “OPO laser with duplication (210 nm up to 2 microns) and spectrograph”

Curiosity driven research (RSTL): “Tunable single photon ionization of complex gas mixtures”

Fuel Cell Lab – Innovative systems and high efficiency technologies for polygeneration

DRIVE IN2 - Innovative on-board Driver Monitoring methodologies, technologies and systems for safe and eco-friendly driving

INDUSTRIA 2015 MUSS – Safe Sustainable Urban Mobility

Hermes Interdepartmental Project - Sustainable Mobility

MIUR - FUV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometry

Campania Regional Competence Center "AMRA-Analysis and Monitoring of Environmental Risk"

Departmental project - Production of clusters of chiral molecules of biological and pharmaceutical interest and their characterization by sub-picosecond laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry

Departmental project - Production of clusters of chiral molecules in supersonic beam and their characterization by sub-picosecond laser spectroscopy

•          Finalized Project - Special Materials for Advanced Technologies-MSTAII

Research Activities of STEMS

Decarbonization and Energy Transition
Sustainable Propulsion for Transport, Off-Road and Operating Machines
Innovative Catalytic Processes and Advanced Materials