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Luigi De Simio



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  Via Guglielmo Marconi, 4 - 80125 - Naples - (NA)


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Use of alternative fuels (methane / hydrogen blends, syngas, LNG) in internal combustion engines.

Hybrid propulsion systems.

Optimization of dual fuel systems (pilot / main fuel).

1D / 0D simulation of internal combustion engines and alternative propulsion systems.

Luigi De Simio received the Master's degree "summa cum laude" in 2006 and the PhD in 2010, both in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II. He did postdoctoral work in CNR during 2010–2012, then he became a full-time researcher. His research mainly concerns studying alternative systems for powering and optimizing internal combustion engines, such as hydrogen and hybrid solutions. The activities are carried out with the engine installed on the test bench and numerical tools. His research has resulted in over 50 technical papers, some published in relevant international journals, book chapters or conference proceedings, and one international patent. He has completed different projects supported by both private and public entities, some of them as scientific coordinator. He serves as a reviewer of more than 10 international reputed journals and acts as an evaluator for projects financed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

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NAUSICA - Efficient boats through the use of innovative and low-carbon technological solutions

TOTAL MS - Tests with mix of NG and H2 at CNR-STEMS

Experimentation in heavy-duty engines fueled with methane-hydrogen blends suitable for bus public transport

PANACEA: Polygeneration fueled with biomass from waste in urban wastewater treatment plants

Experimental analysis of innovative CNG injectors and support for their development

Experimental analysis of the performance of heavy-duty spark ignition engines fueled by syngas

TRIM: Technology and industrial research for maritime mobility

GREEN POWERTRAIN: Technological and methodological solutions for the energy efficiency of vehicles powertrains for sustainable collective mobility

SMART GENERATION: Sustainable systems and technologies for energy generation

RITMARE: The Ialian Research for the SEA. Marine Technologies Flag Project

Study about LNG as alternative fuel for heavy and naval transport

Ionization current analysis on a small 2T engine

Injection analysis with CWI system on a small 2-stroke engine

BEAUTY: Bio-ethanol Engine for Advanced Urban Transport by Light Commercial Vehicle & Heavy Duty

InGAS: Integrated GAS Powertrain

MIUR 979: CNG urban bus with “almost zero” emissions and high performance

Research Activities of STEMS

Decarbonization and Energy Transition
Solutions for a Sustainable Mobility