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  P.le Tecchio 80 - 80125 - Naples - (NA)

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Advanced pyrolytic processes (non-catalytic and catalytic, step / fractional, co-pyrolysis) with an experimental approach

Processes and technologies of gasification and co-gasification of fossil fuels, biomass and waste

Biomass and waste combustion processes

Recovery and use of metals present in the sludge for the preparation of catalysts in a circular economy approach

Development of innovative solutions for distributed cogeneration from renewable sources

Processes of formation and evolution of solid particles during the heat treatment of carbonaceous solids in fluidized bed reaction systems

Dr. Massimo Urciuolo is a researcher at the Institute of Sciences and Technologies for Sustainable Energy and Mobility (STEMS) of the National Council for Research (CNR) from 2010. In 2005 he is awarded his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II. Dr. Massimo Urciuolo's current research activities, both modeling and experimental, are mainly related to the fields of combustion, gasification and pyrolysis, environmental engineering and fluidized bed technology by a significant experience in managing both lab-scale and pilot-scale experimental facilities. In particular, fluidized bed reactors for energy and material production from fossil and alternative solid fuels; fate of solid particulates generated by combustion of carbonaceous solids; combustion/gasification/pyrolysis of: biomass, waste and civil and industrial sludge; innovative solutions for the distributed cogeneration from renewable sources.

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Fenics Fanghi, Energia e scarti iNdustriali per economia Circolare e Sostenibilità

Potters POrtable Thermal Treatment for Effective and Regenerative Sludge management

PON PRO-ICOS_MED Potenziamento della Rete di Osservazione ICOS-Italia nel Mediterraneo

Biofeedstok Sviluppo di Piattaforme Tecnologiche Integrate per la Valorizzazione di Biomasse

Biovalue Realizzazione di una piattaforma tecnologica per lo sviluppo di sistemi ibridi di generazione e cogenerazione basati sullo sfruttamento di fonti energetiche

Megaris Micro Electric Generator from Alternative Renewable energy Innovative Stirling engine

Research Activities of STEMS

Decarbonization and Energy Transition
Development of Sustainable Technologies and Circular Economy