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Paola Brachi



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  P.le Tecchio 80 - 80125 - Naples - (NA)

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Thermochemical treatments (roasting, pyrolysis, gasification) of residual biomass and solid wastes for bio-energy and bio-fuels production;

Mixing, segregation and fluidization phenomena in fluid bed reactors involving heterogeneous binary mixtures (eg, sand-biomass);

Process modeling and simulation;

Synthesis of carbon quantum dots (CQDs) through the thermochemical treatments of residual biomass and wastes.

Paola Brachi obtained the Ph.D. title in Chemical Engineering in 2016 and currently works as a full-time researcher at the STEMS-CNR Institute in Naples. She is active in the fields of the thermochemical treatment of residual biomass and wastes for bioenergy and biofuels production. She is an author of an Italian Patent (No. 1020180000104262019), which was granted on October 16, 2020.  She held important roles in national and international contexts, including that of "invited key note speaker", "chairman", "oral speaker at international conferences” and “Associate Editor” for Frontiers in Energy Research, Bioenergy and Biofuels. She has also carried out training and didactic roles as a co-supervisor of several Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Thesis in Chemical Engineering and as a scientific tutor of visiting and Erasmus students from European countries. She recently achieved the National Scientific qualification as Associate Professor in the Italian higher education system for the disciplinary fields of: 1.) 09/D3-Chemical plants and technologies and 2.) 03/C2-Industrial and applied chemistry, according to the national classification.

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