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Research Director. Riccardo Chirone is author of over 180 international publications in ISI journals (about 4700 citations, h-index = 40 @ 18.11.2021 –Scopus), over 400 publications in conference proceedings with international and national review committee and 7 patents. Since 1980 Riccardo Chirone has been an active researcher in the study of sustainable energy and environmental processes and technologies. In recent years, the activity has been increasingly focused on the development of energy processes and systems based on a “life cycle thinking” perspective. Particular attention has been given to the development of processes and technologies that use renewable resources and to the assessment of the overall environmental impacts generated during operational life time, including, from a circular economy perspective, also the valorization of residual materials of industrial and biogenic origin. Riccardo Chirone is an active researcher in the following different sectors:

  • Chemical reactor engineering

  • Development of integrated efficient and sustainable systems for the conversion, storage and integration of renewable and fossil energy sources

  • Development of processes and technologies for enhancement and requalification of biomass and “end-of-waste” residues produced by power supply industries and mobility sector.

  • Granular solids processes and technologies