Pampuro Niccolò

Niccolò Pampuro



  +39 0113977715

  c/o Area della Ricerca di Torino - Strada delle Cacce 73 - 10135  - Torino (TO)


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Agro-food wastes valorisation;

Study of the environmental impact of agricultural activities and determination of systems, processes and solutions intended to increase environmental sustainability, comfort, health and safety of agricultural operators;

Development of methodologies for the evaluation and characterization of the performance of agricultural machinery;

Evaluation of performance and safety of self-propelled agricultural machinery and their subsystems

He got the M.Sc. in Agricultural Science at the University of Torino in 2010 and he got the PhD in Agricultural Forestry and Food Engineering at the University of Torino in 2015.

Lead guest editor and referee for several peer-reviewed journals. He is also the author and co-author of several publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

The scientific and research activities carried out by Niccolò PAMPURO in his position of researcher are in relation to i) the application of new and emerging technologies to the agricultural and forestry machines and to the processes where they are used to improve energy and resources savings and the health and comfort for users; ii) the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices; iii) the valorisation of agro-food wastes according to the paradigm of the circular economy.

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SICOMPOSTA (Development and implementation of a compost deplastification system for the production of densified organo-mineral organic mineral fertilizers)

TOBIAS (Biomethane Traction for a Circular Supply Chain in Specialised Agriculture)

FIREZOF (Development of a sustainable animal manure management chain for their valorization in the Cuneo Province’s orchards)

EASYHOP (Implementation of machinery for hop harvesting and subsequent post-harvest processing)

Agricultural mechanisation and agro-industrial wastes valorisation

Tests in accordance with OEDC and similar codes.

FITRAREF (Integrated supply chain for livestock manure transformation into pelleted organic fertilizer for specialized crops)

MAGA (Development of a prototype of a self-driving electric machine with able to perform several agricultural  operations in confined agricultural environments).

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Solutions for a Sustainable Mobility
Development of Sustainable Technologies and Circular Economy
Procedures for the Development of Regulations and New Certification Strategies