Solutions for a Sustainable Mobility


The transport sector has received in the past and will receive in the future increasing attention with respect to the impact it generates on the environment. It is therefore clear how the development of concepts, methodologies and tools for a more sustainable and “intelligent” mobility can help to provide answers in this sector with attention to individuals, the environment and the industrial system. The goal is to study innovative solutions to support mobility with more-increasing levels of automation and connectivity, in order to improve traffic safety and efficiency, reduce consumption, reduce environmental pollution and make the road a safer and more comfortable environment for all users. Tools to achieve these goals are energy efficiency, digitalization, automation and vehicle connectivity, integration and multi-modality combined with safety and accessibility.

 In this area, the dissemination of methodologies, technologies and tools useful for increasing sustainability and usability, the promotion and adoption of new transport solutions related to a service (MaaS, Mobility as a Service), the strengthening of transport on local basis, an integrated planning of transports, apps and infomobility systems are all aspects studied and promoted.